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MPAS - Modular Portable Antenna System


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For quite awhile now Survival Tech Nord has been talking about radio COMMS and electronics gear from the “LEGO BLOCK” perspective: Well, Chameleon Antenna is proud to offer to the Survival Tech Nord viewers, the MPAS Kit.

About the MPAS

The Modular Portable Antenna System is a concept allowing the radio operator to configure and deploy the antenna system in a variety of configurations. Some of the possible deployment configurations:

• Vertical
• Horizontal
• Sloper
• Inverted “V”
• Inverted “L”
• Balcony
• Vehicle (Stationary)
• Man-Pack

Kit building

The following videos show the methodology behind the MPAS, and some Chameleon MPAS deployments.


The components included in the kit are the “core components” to get you on air. Many operators are fine with this, while some build, or piece together a custom kit, unique to his operating style, or Comms requirements.

Options and accessories are shown in the following video.

An effective counterpoise system, is the best way to increase the performance of any vertical antenna system on every band. For this reason I would suggest you either build your own, or purchase the ready-made counterpoises kit.

To improve performance on 40, 80, and 160 meters, consider the CHA MIL EXT.

Chameleon MPAS WSPR Tests
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$ 330.00

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